The Creator is Your Hope of Glory

A wonderful path stretches out before you. You are walking into the arms of a glorious destiny as a child of the living Creator. Your soul is part of the great soul of the Great Spirit, one with the infinite Soul and lives in the ocean of Soul partaking of the strength of the Spirit. Knowing that your being has its foundation in the Father, as an expression of the almighty fountain of Cause, you have faith in the development of the power from within. You are embodying this unlimited power in your words, spoken from this understanding. Speak the word of truth with faith; perfect unwavering faith. Hold fast to the Eternal One day and night, trusting even though you see no result, trusting on and on with persistence in prayer, repeating over and over that you will trust Him, for He is your deliverance. Affirm: Jehovih is my wisdom. Jehovih is my strength. He will manifest in and through me, for in Him does all fullness dwell; fullness of life and joy and perfect bliss. Do not allow your consciousness to limit the manifestation, for it is limitless.

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Shalam — An Early Attempt at Utopia

For those interested in the history of Shalam, a Faithist compound in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s, you might want to read the small book SHALAM — Utopia on the Rio Grande 1881-1907 by Lee Priestley. These are available in paperback and hard cover. The book is about the history of Shalam, a Faithist compound that failed. It had a pretty good start, but Mir Mahvar, Mir Salazar and angelic beings have stated that what was attempted was started too soon. The people were zealous and generous with what they had. One man contributed his entire fortune. But disease killed off some of the inhabitants, and children who had been brought to the compound were sent to orphanages, and possibly to other Faithist communities of the time.

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Oahspe is not Meaningless

“Difficult and arcane as it is in many places, Oahspe cannot be dismissed as nonsensical or meaningless. Its [scribe] was sincere and no charlatan. People have devoted their lives to its teachings. More than a century after he recorded it, Dr. Newbrough’s new bible remains in print and inspires the devotion of groups of Faithists around the world.” (Extract from Shalam – Utopia on the Rio Grande 1881-1907, page 14, by Lee Priestley; 1988. University of Texas at El Paso)

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