Oahspe Study Notes for Lika XIV

There are various levels of hell, each with its own name and number of angels. (14:3-6) Certain beings came upon earth “fastening upon mortals”, and at times bringing death to “large cities and nations.” This death is disease, likely airborne. The Oahspe Bible says these beings “impregnated the air with poison … and these were called plagues.” (14:7) Reference to three resurrections (14:8) Angels that “engraft themselves on mortals, becoming as a twin spirit to the one corporeal body” are referred to as reincarnated spirits. (14:9) In contrast, certain spirits took control of infants not permitting their souls to progress, growing as the infant grew. These spirits are referred to as “damons.” The term damon (daemon) is Latin, referring to lesser deities and spirits. Faithists view these as harmful spirits.

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Oahspe Study Notes – Lika XIII

Humans’ “grade of understanding”, desires and aspirations are recorded (13:3). The purpose of this is to determine whether or not earth should receive an increase of light (knowledge) “for the ultimate (eventual and sure) perfection of her soul harvests.” The spirits of the dead are “measured” or examined in a similar manner as that of living humanity. (13:4)

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