Jehovih’s Worshippers are a Family

It was recently brought to my attention that there are a few individuals on the internet calling themselves Faithists, who at the same time are promoting racial superiority. I am familiar with who they are, and I can ensure you that these individuals are not associated with the Worldwide Faithist Association (Essene Faithists). Our Association does not tolerate such blatant disregard for the teachings of the Oahspe.

Our Oahspe Bible is clear on the matter that while Faithists are set apart from the world, as humans our tribe, our race, our ethnicity, our nationality, our colour, or our gender does not entitle us to any special privilege or ranking in the Kingdom of the Creator. Racism and discrimination against genders is not about black, white, yellow, brown or red, or which gender is better than the other; rather, such ideas promote a lack of understanding concerning the Creator’s love for all humanity, especially those who call upon Him in truth and righteousness.
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Divine Revelations Being Received by Individuals or Groups

When an individual claims he or she is receiving divine revelation, it must be confirmed by others who also received the exact same message. The celestial being Mir Mahvar, along with numerous angelic beings, have stated that “In this age, a lone individual does not receive divine revelation that affects others, but rather, the type of revelation that affects others is received simultaneously by several others around the world. The message received by one person is always the same received by many others, even if their languages differ from each other. There are some who have claimed to have received revelations, but others have never heard anything regarding such messages. In some cases, those messages prove to be false because it is easily demonstrated that they are not in harmony with all the Pillars of the Truth.”
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Eight Sons and Daughters

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Tablet of Jehovih and His eight Sons and Daughters

“The Divine Messenger* said: These are the nine entities; or according to the ancients, Jehovih and His eight children, His Sons and Daughters. And these are the same which in all ages poets and philosophers have made to speak as, THE FAMILY OF THE UNIVERSE. Through them I speak. Jehovih is the Light, that is, Knowledge. The manifestation of Knowledge in man is Jehovih. The growth of wisdom in man, as the earth grows older, is the TREE OF LIGHT.” – Book of Ben.
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