The Essene Faithists — True Israelites

The Oahspe identifies the Essenes as true Israelites, and from whom Joshu (Yehoshua) was raised up. From the Book of Saphah we read: “48. …the scattered tribes of the Faithists still held to the Great Spirit, Jehovih, keeping their service secret. These latter were without sin, doing no war nor resistance of evil against evil, but returning good for evil, and loving one another as one’s self. 49. From the Faithist branch sprang the assembly of Essenes, cultivating prophecy and purity of spirit… 50. The angels of Jehovih now dwelt with the Essenes, who were the true Israelites in fact. Though many of the Jews also professed Jehovih under the name of God and Lord God. 51. In three hundred and fifty years after this Jehovih raised up from the Essenes, one Joshu, one who was without evil, in Nazareth. Joshu re-established the way of Jehovih, and restored many of the lost rites and ceremonies.” — Book of Saphah (Section: “Basis of Ezra Bible”) vss 48-51

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