Oahspe Study Notes for Lika XIV

There are various levels of hell, each with its own name and number of angels. (14:3-6)

Certain beings came upon earth “fastening upon mortals”, and at times bringing death to “large cities and nations.” This death is disease, likely airborne. The Oahspe Bible says these beings “impregnated the air with poison … and these were called plagues.” (14:7)

Reference to three resurrections (14:8)

Angels that “engraft themselves on mortals, becoming as a twin spirit to the one corporeal body” are referred to as reincarnated spirits. (14:9) In contrast, certain spirits took control of infants not permitting their souls to progress, growing as the infant grew. These spirits are referred to as “damons.” The term damon (daemon) is Latin, referring to lesser deities and spirits. Faithists view these as harmful spirits.
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Oahspe Study Notes – Lika XIII

Humans’ “grade of understanding”, desires and aspirations are recorded (13:3). The purpose of this is to determine whether or not earth should receive an increase of light (knowledge) “for the ultimate (eventual and sure) perfection of her soul harvests.”

The spirits of the dead are “measured” or examined in a similar manner as that of living humanity. (13:4)

Can a person of a Christian background become a Faithist and remain as a Christian?

The religion of mainline Christianity, on the surface, is diametrically opposed to the principles of traditional Faithism. There are certain points that are shared between Christians and Faithists, for example, belief in the existence of a Divine Creator, belief in Jesus as the Messiah of Israel, and the truths of Jesus’ teachings, to name only a few. However, concerning the differences, mainstream Christianity often times diverges drastically from the plain teachings of Jesus (whom Faithists call Joshu) on many different points. For example, most Christians worship Jesus as Almighty God. Faithists believe that only the Creator is Almighty. Mainstream Christians believe that there is no law to follow, for example, that Christ destroyed the law of Moses. Faithists believe Jesus’ words where he said that we are to follow the commandments of Moses, and that he did not come to destroy the law or the words of the previous prophets before him. (See Matthew 5:17-20)

Equality and Worth

Faithism teaches equality of every single person. Additionally, our community teaches the worth of all human beings, regardless of their gender, race, colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social status or disability. Sadly, many within mainstream Christianity have exhibited extreme biases toward various children of the Creator, some even teaching racism and other forms of hatred from their pulpits. None of these practices would ever be viewed as acceptable by Faithists.
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Faithism is About Jehovih’s Light

There is much discussion in Faithist circles about the dead and about communication with the angelic world. The Oahspe teaches that there are lower and higher angels, and that one can not trust the word of every spirit that is encountered.

The goal of Faithism, and the Faithist in particular, is certainly not to communicate with dead loved ones, or to ask the angels questions of a frivolous nature. Neither does Faithism involve itself with the practices of the dark such as so-called magic or séances and games or books related to the dark occult. Those who think otherwise, are gravely mistaken about the Ever-present Creator’s plans for humanity. Those who claim otherwise are mistaken about the intent of Faithism and lack knowledge concerning the basic principles of the Oahspe.
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The Experience of a Truly Good Man Entering the Spirit World

Even as a child is born on earth, with friends around it to rejoice at its coming, so do kind and loving spirit friends welcome into the spirit world a truly good man’s spirit. The incorruptible leaves the corruptible in the twinkling of an eye; but before his spirit has thus departed, and while the dissolution is about to take place, the spirit friends enter into communion with him, and magnetize the body, which gives him liberty to go out. As soon as he has departed, his friends also withdraw from the body, and hear him hence. For a long while it is like a pleasant dream, and he begins to reflect within himself as to the cause of his not waking up; he looks around him now, and beholds many of his friends whom he remembers to have been long since dead. As fast as he remembers them, they come to him and greet him kindly, lovingly. Then comes his loving wife and daughter; then perhaps a little son that he once almost idolized.
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Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

We are blessed to have instructions provided to us in the Oahspe on the subjects of marriage, divorce and remarriage, as well as many other topics. The Oahspe Bible even includes instructions on how to address modern day social issues that were either never heard of or rarely ever mentioned 200 years ago.

The world in general does not understand the seriousness of marriage, and thus divorce is seen as an “easy way out” of a bond that otherwise should have been for a lifetime. Sadly, the manner in which divorce and remarriage has been handled in many Uzian churches has caused a great deal of heartache and division, not only in families, but also within their religious organisations and churches. This kind of confusion is something that Faithists must avoid, especially if they are to be seen as having a proper covenant with the Ever-present Creator.
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The Creator is Your Hope of Glory

A wonderful path stretches out before you. You are walking into the arms of a glorious destiny as a child of the living Creator. Your soul is part of the great soul of the Great Spirit, one with the infinite Soul and lives in the ocean of Soul partaking of the strength of the Spirit. Knowing that your being has its foundation in the Father, as an expression of the almighty fountain of Cause, you have faith in the development of the power from within. You are embodying this unlimited power in your words, spoken from this understanding.

Speak the word of truth with faith; perfect unwavering faith. Hold fast to the Eternal One day and night, trusting even though you see no result, trusting on and on with persistence in prayer, repeating over and over that you will trust Him, for He is your deliverance. Affirm: Jehovih is my wisdom. Jehovih is my strength. He will manifest in and through me, for in Him does all fullness dwell; fullness of life and joy and perfect bliss. Do not allow your consciousness to limit the manifestation, for it is limitless.
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The Oahspe is the Official Bible of Faithists

The Oahspe is often called the Kosmon Bible or Oahspe Bible. It is the official Bible for Faithists. It is the Holy Book — the Holy Scriptures, of the Faithist Church. Although it did come down by guidance through angels, it is not considered immaculate or perfect, because it was still through human hands that it was eventually relayed to the public. “Books are maculate; but Jehovih, is the Immaculate.” (Judge. 20:29) “Not infallible is this Book, Oahspe; but to teach mortals how to attain to hear the Creator’s Voice, and to see His heavens, in full consciousness, whilst still living on the earth; and to know of a truth the place and condition awaiting them after death.” (Oah. v.24)
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