Jehovih, God, Lord

For those who are not familiar with the Oahspe and how certain words may be utilized throughout the text, I wanted to share with you this note from the introductory matter to the 2016 edition, especially in regard to the use of the terms “God” and “Lord”.
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Is Living in a Faithist Community for Everyone?

Ideally, those who have covenanted with the Creator would live in a community designed specifically with their needs and requirements in mind. However, what is ideal for some, may be impossible for others. We can not judge others because of their particular situation in life. Some brethren have voiced their desire to live in a community but due to family obligations, young children, lack of finances to move to another country, or other reasons, that they are unable to do so. Some have expressed that they feel they may be letting the Creator down because of their particular lot in life.
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Unity in Essentials

Solidarity among people of like faith is of vital importance in this day and age. We are called to have unity in whatever acceptable fashion that it can take. For Faithists today, a full unity is not entirely foreseeable in a short period of time, but an “interfaith union” is certainly possible.

If our faith is strong and our knowledge of the Oahspe and the manners in which the Heavenly Father reveals His intentions is adequate and properly maintained, we can easily overlook certain idiosyncrasies of Faithists that are not directly associated with us. Logically, we would not accept anything that is in direct violation of the revealed purposes and teaching of the Father.
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Communicating with the Spirit World

Some people have been mistaken in thinking that when we speak of “spiritualism” or holding a “spiritual church service” that we are referring to communicating with the demon world. When Faithists speak of communication with the righteous angels or holy celestial beings, we in no way mean that one should be communicating with demoniac forces from the kingdom of darkness, or attempting to conjure up the souls of lost loved ones, holding seances, or using anything related to the demons or dark angels.
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What the Angels of the Creator Reveal

The Angels of the Creator reveal:

That human beings on this planet are living at the bottom of an ocean of Mind which is composed of the minds of past undeveloped inhabitants of the earth.

The majority of these minds or spirits are selfish, un-aspiring, and un-progressive. They vibrate in sympathy with the lowest qualities in human minds, and thus cloud and depress noble motives and hinder spiritual progress.

This great mass of human spirits impinges upon all human natures without exception. They are a cause of disease, decrepitude, and other human ills. They keep, the Creator from expressing through humanity, impeding growth and the expression of its higher potential.
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Unity and Harmony Amongst Brothers and Sisters

“Discover the good that is in your neighbour, and laud him therefore, for this is the method of raising him higher.” (Book of Discipline 7:15)

We read in the Scriptures, “There is divine unity amongst my disciples, but each have also been granted a special freedom by my Father in all those matters which are not considered essential to the liberation of the soul.”

Faithism upholds the importance of unity among all its members, regardless of their status as laity or clergy. When we speak of unity it does not mean developing a “Borg” or cult mentality. Faithists are never asked to believe in anything other than the essentials – brethren maintain unity in doctrine by remaining steadfast in the essentials of the Faith. Therefore, diverse thoughts, within righteousness, are permitted among the brethren, especially where direct teachings have not yet been provided by the celestial beings, especially of the current era.
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We Are Responsible for Each Other

“Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, and o unto thy fellow man as thou wouldst have him do unto thee.” (Eskra 44:8)

When difficulties arise either in one’s family or within the congregations of our blessed people, it is always important to enlist the assistance of wise and mature brethren. His Divine Presence has placed within your reach brothers and sisters who can lend a helping hand with wise counsel in any difficult situation and if at all possible your request for such help should never be delayed. Do not be embarrassed about asking for advice and counsel from your brothers.
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The Breath of Life Leads to our True Home

“Man perceived the magnitude and glory of the corporeal worlds. He said, How shall I speak of Your great works, O Jehovih, and of Your wisdom and power! Shall I open my mouth before You! I look upon Your countless stars, suns and moons, spread out over the heavens! The millions of years You have rolled them on in the never-ending firmament! Processions in and out, and round about, of mighty worlds! By Your breath going forth!
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What Does it Mean to be a Faithist?

A Testimony Shared by Sister M.

When I was younger I used to witness my mother praying beside her bed on many occasions. On many of those occasions she would kneel down while she was sobbing. My father was physically abusive to her, but her friends never knew anything about it. She was a very private lady, and she never wanted to burden anyone with her problems.
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