Joshu and Jesus

Within Faithism, the historical Jesus is referred to as “Joshu” (as in a form of “Joshua” or “Yehoshua” or “Yoshu”). However, it is recognized that there is also a false Jesus created by false religions. This is not the same as Joshu, or as some refer to as the historical Yeshua.

The historical “Yeshua” is the same as “Joshu” in Faithism.

See the Faithist Wiki entry for “Joshu”

Suis and Clairvoyance

In Faithism, there is a concept called “Su’is” (Suis). This is defined as “a person who can see with the eyes closed, or one who can hear angel voices.” (Oahspe Glossary) These “angel voices” are referring to angels or other types of celestial beings that have been sent by Jehovih (Yehovih, Yahweh) the Creator. This is certainly not a foreign concept in the Faithist belief structure. In fact, this is mentioned directly in the Didache when it says “prophesying or speaking in the Spirit.”

An older term for this is “clairvoyance”. It should be understood that a person who has been provided with the gift of clairvoyance, is not the same as those who are participating in séances or communicating with the demon world — a practice that is forbidden by true worshippers of Jehovih. True clairvoyance is receiving messages in the same manner that Third Pillar is often relayed, especially when it involves a group of believers together.

Mir Mahvar refers to true suis as “Pure Voice”. In many cases, this is the Voice of the Creator speaking through His celestial beings. Mir Mahvar said that “Suis is a gift, but it can be received by anyone that is living a righteous life (as far as humanly possible), practicing the virtues, eating properly, and so on. This does not mean that everyone who lives righteously would be given this gift. The Father knows what is best for each of His children. Some may not be mentally ready for something of this nature. For some individuals, it takes many years.”
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Oahspe is not Meaningless

“Difficult and arcane as it is in many places, Oahspe cannot be dismissed as nonsensical or meaningless. Its [scribe] was sincere and no charlatan. People have devoted their lives to its teachings. More than a century after he recorded it, Dr. Newbrough’s new bible remains in print and inspires the devotion of groups of Faithists around the world.”

(Extract from Shalam – Utopia on the Rio Grande 1881-1907, page 14, by Lee Priestley; 1988. University of Texas at El Paso)

Hints to the Reader

To all concerned,
A page in the front matter of some editions of the Oahspe Bible has a section called “Hints to the Reader.” I suggest seekers use a great deal of caution if using that page, since it contains some false information.

The Essene Faithists — True Israelites

The Oahspe identifies the Essenes as true Israelites, and from whom Joshu (Yehoshua) was raised up.

From the Book of Saphah we read:

“48. …the scattered tribes of the Faithists still held to the Great Spirit, Jehovih, keeping their service secret. These latter were without sin, doing no war nor resistance of evil against evil, but returning good for evil, and loving one another as one’s self.

49. From the Faithist branch sprang the assembly of Essenes, cultivating prophecy and purity of spirit…

50. The angels of Jehovih now dwelt with the Essenes, who were the true Israelites in fact. Though many of the Jews also professed Jehovih under the name of God and Lord God.

51. In three hundred and fifty years after this Jehovih raised up from the Essenes, one Joshu, one who was without evil, in Nazareth. Joshu re-established the way of Jehovih, and restored many of the lost rites and ceremonies.”

— Book of Saphah (Section: “Basis of Ezra Bible”) vss 48-51
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