Jehovih, God, Lord

For those who are not familiar with the Oahspe and how certain words may be utilized throughout the text, I wanted to share with you this note from the introductory matter to the 2016 edition, especially in regard to the use of the terms “God” and “Lord”.

“…it may also be helpful to clarify in advance that the terms ‘God’ and ‘Lord’ are not used in this text as references to the one and only Everpresent Creator, or to any worshipful deity. Just as a country may have a president and state governors who serve a term of office, high raised angels, who were once mortals, have similar functions in heaven. An angel who serves a term of office as ‘president’ over the earth is called ‘God’, and angels who serve a term of office over divisions of the earth are called ‘Lords’. Oahspe is no in any way polytheistic. It teaches that only the Everpresent Great Spirit is worshipful, and only the Great Spirit is the Source of Creation and Life.”

Instead of God and Lord, the Name “Jehovih” (or “Yehovih”) is used in reference to the Creator, much in the same manner that the Hebrew Bible uses the Name “Yahweh”.

As can be expected, while there are righteous Gods and Lords, there are false Lords and Gods as well. The 2016 Glossary to Oahspe provides an accurate description of what these false Lords and Gods are:

“An angel who usurps or assumes leadership of an atmospherean heavenly region under his own authority, claiming to the ‘true God’ or even the Creator. All ‘true Gods’ are appointed by higher etherean administrators, their allegiance is to the Everpresent Creator only, and they are committed to raising up humanity for eternal progression. False Gods, being duplications and self-centered, have neither the desire, nor the ability, to raise their subjects any higher than themselves. False Gods do not have legitimate authority; their allegiance is to self and self-aggrandizement, and they are committed to the subjugation of the spirits below them through deceit and intimidation. They are the angelic equivalent of despots and tyrants. False Gods typically arise from individuals who had progressed to the second resurrection but never grew to accept the concept of an All Person. See Book of Gragappati chapt. XXIV, v. 14 and Book of Divinity chapt. V. v. 10-11.”

May the Creator bless and keep you,

Mir Tazar

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