Faithist Community Philosophy

  • Do not assert any thing unless you can prove it.
  • Never belittle what another says.
  • Never take exceptions to what another says for opposition’s sake. Never take exceptions for sake of showing you cannot be led.
  • What can I say that will make others rejoice?
  • He who will argue, is he not selfish? To stand up for one’s own philosophy, is this not as selfish as to stand up for property?
  • To learn to know that we may be mistaken, who could act on this, and offend his neighbor?
  • How can there be individual or isolated ascension in heaven? Would we not desire our loved ones to go upward with us forever?
  • If ye cannot live in peace in a brotherhood on earth, neither shall ye find a brotherhood of peace and love in heaven.
  • He who labors for himself in this world, shall find few friends in heaven.
  • Are we not all eggs? and is not death our hatching out?
  • Jehovih saith, Man I created as a spirit; but I gave him a corporeal body, that he might learn corporeal things. Death I made, that man might rise in spirit, and inherit My etherean worlds in the firmament of heaven.

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