Is a Vegetarian Lifestyle Obligatory for Faithists?

For humans, a vegetarian lifestyle is preferred, but not obligatory for all humankind. Consuming meat and dairy products can have negative effects on the ability to hear the Pure Sound of the Divine. By “Pure Sound” is meant suis. (See the article on Suis here). Essentially, an adult is responsible for his or her own choices in life.

Some have asked about fish and poultry, because in some religious traditions, these types of foods are often used as meat substitutes. Actually, these are directly mentioned in the Oahspe. For Essene Faithists, meat refers to all living, breathing creatures — thus this would include both fish and poultry.

Essene Faithism teaches that dairy should not be withheld from small children, or others who may need it, that small amounts in cooking is not the same as gorging on these products. Honey is permitted if one is able to digest it, however, some doctors have advised against providing some infants honey until they reach a certain age. If there is any question, the parents should ask a competent physician about the matter.

Another note on honey, some have falsely taught that honey is not permitted for vegetarians because it comes from bees. The fact is, honey is ultimately a product of plant life; it does not actually reach the stomach of the bee and is not digested in the same manner as foods would be. Faithists are permitted to consume honey.

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